Coating, in all forms, colors and applications

Our three film coaters and dragee pan constitute the basis for any type of coating tailored to the specific needs of our customers. For film- or sugar-coating tablets you can rely on our technical equipment or let our highly trained employees finish your product by hand.

We listen closely to your specific coating needs and produce the exact properties you specified for your coated tablets and dragees. This applies to coating systems such as gastro-resistance or controlled release, as well as other technically advanced applications. Artesan offers, for example, light resistance optimized coating, a selection of different colors, flavors and esthetic qualities. We also have the coating technology to meet special challenges, such as gastro-resistant tablet film coating for nutritional supplements. And not only that, we can make silver-coated dragees.

Top marks in high-speed coating

At Artesan we are not only known for the highest level of quality, but also for extreme speed and accuracy.   Quite a few of our customers are pleasantly surprised that we can process-coat their tablets sometimes within a single week; this includes the production of samples.

Our DFC5 coater contributes significantly to this fact; it can also process minute amounts from a mere 0.5 to 2.5 kg. As a whole, our daily coating capacity is at ten million units with batch sizes from 90 to 30 kg.

This is additional proof that our customers can also rely on Artesan's experience and expertise in the coating process – for high quality products and consistent cost-efficiency.