Our expertise for your coated tablets

You can count on our expertise and state-of-the-art processes in coated tablets. We assist you in all the aspects of your coated tablet requirements, from the implementation of the formula to the finished product.

Artesan has 14 tablet presses and 3 coating systems with which we fulfill the most diverse and individual requirements our customers can present in film coating for tablets.  Our coating system can handle a production scale with a maximum final weight of 500 kg and offers you a batch range from at least 80 kg to 450 kg of unprocessed cores used to manufacture high-quality film-coated tablets. All in all, our tablet, film tablets and dragee capacity is up to 21 million units per day and 29 million packages annually.

Of course here too you can also rely on Artesan quality: We produce only high quality tablets that deliver all the requirements as to form, design and function, such as gastric acid resistance, for instance.

Highest precision for your film tablets

You can count on our expertise and experience in manufacturing; our film tablets deliver what they promise: reliable tastemasking, sophisticated design, easier to swallow, dependable protection against external factors such as light and humidity as well as the precise control and modified release of active ingredients.

In addition, you can expect the greatest flexibility, pronounced price-awareness and absolute reliability from Artesan, your partner in film-coated tablets manufacturing. If you have very specific requirements for film-coated tablets, there is practically no formulation that we cannot process. We will respond quickly with solution suggestions, even for individualized requirements.