Tablets, every form in top form

Artesan offers extensive consultation and the full breadth of services, from initial inquiry to production. As your contract manufacturer, we will transfer the tablets from development to product production. In this way we reduce the burden of your having to manufacture the formulation in your own production facilities.

Our 14 tablet presses, including bi-layer presses for more complex requirements, can handle 21 million tablets, coated tables and dragees per day, and 29 million packages annually.

Four weeks from purchase order to finished tablet

You can not only rely on Artesan's high quality, but also on maximum efficiency and flexibility. We have been known to manufacture tablets in record time, sometimes within only four weeks of receiving the purchase order.

Besides utmost flexibility in batch sizes, we also produce a wide range of specific tablets in terms of shape, size, release options and more specific requirements. These include vaginal, sustained-release, lozenge, coated, orodispersible, chewable and a wide variety of specialized applications. Our service spectrum also includes solid/liquid tablet combinations with an imbedded active substance.

Our production is well equipped to handle tablets of even the smallest scale: Artesan can manufacture mini-tablets with a diameter of 2 mm, which can be precisely counted into hard capsules to guarantee the desired targeted release of active ingredients.

Bi-layer tablets offer another option in our manufacturing spectrum. This somewhat demanding process of producing a layered dosage combination is met by our specially trained employees, offering our customers here too high-quality tablets.