Our packaging spectrum, an overview

Blister packs and cartons

We can handle the most varied forms of blister packaging with our 11 blister and cartoning machines for your product requirements, for example: from alu/alu blister packaging, and press-through mono-, duplex-, and triplex blister film packaging, to special solutions for more specific projects. At your request, we will apply child-resistant blister-film.

Precise pressure control ensures for consistent blister packaging and visible excellence. Naturally, our aim for high quality also applies to the packaging: exact folding, precise adhesion and secure seals are taken for granted at Artesan.

Bottle and container filling systems

A precise count, a continuous flow and the highly efficient filling of more than 30 different types of containers and bottles – this is achieved by our filling lines, for top quality tablets, capsules, dragees, liquids, globuli and specialized products.

Our production facilitates daily batches of 500 to 80,000 of your containers or bottles per day. And not only that, you can expect from Artesan the same high level of flexibility here too: Our processes are set up for easy cleaning and a quick change-over of format so that we can respond to customer needs quickly and efficiently.

Manual packaging

In the event that our fully-automated packaging system does not offer the best solution, we will do it by hand. We will switch to manual packaging to handle small batches, test productions, special formats, sample productions, the exchange of info-leaflets and the unpacking and repackaging of goods.

Artesan offers reliable and competent packaging by hand, by experienced staff with nimble fingers. It is a matter of course that we comply with all mandatory – as well as our own quality – standards. And in manual processes as well, our customers can expect the same flexibility and speed that they have come to rely on.