Productive, even on our own behalf

We not only continually develop new solutions for our customers, we also develop our own innovations and special products. We are almost alone in our expertise in a few specialized areas. A selection of some of our special competencies.

Highly specialized for dental medicine

Artesan has developed a unique, semi-solid antibiotic preparation for dentistry, which we manufacture on an exclusive basis. Due to its specific indication and application, exceptional packaging requirements are to be met for which we optimized our production. We at Artesan helped design the machines we use for the manufacture of this dental preparation.

Almost forgotten: the traditional silver-coated dragee

Contrary to the manufacture of sweet dragees, silver coating requires much experience and skill, which is why this tradition is now almost forgotten. But not at Artesan. We still have the know-how and the experience in manufacturing high-quality silver dragees.

Special capsules make the incompatible compatible

For special formulations in which incompatible active ingredients are combined in one application, tablets don't provide a satisfactory solution. Besides, the amount in cost and effort is disproportionately large. This demanding challenge can be solved with capsules. Our special encapsulation technology enables even the most complex formulations using incompatible substances.

Dressings and bandages for livestock

We produce and package milking/teat bandages for veterinary medicine.