Our granulation for your quality tablets

Granulation, which is applied for the manufacture of solid-form pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements, is one of Artesan's core areas of expertise. As your contract manufacturer, we compress particles into high-quality tablets with exact dosage accuracy and precisely to the individual specifications of our customers.
Granulation is gaining significance, especially due to increasing costs in manufacturing solid forms such as tablets. Different requirements on granulate manufacturing force different granulation methods and technologies. We are well-versed in all the conventional wet, moist, and dry granulation production methods.

Aqueous- or alcohol-based granulation is produced in our high-output mixer or via centrifugal fluidizing processing. Drying processes by conventional fluid bed or via vacuum dryer. For dry granulation, we have only state-of-the-art compacters in place.

By means of the various methods and our technological expertise, we can manufacture granulate fulfilling all requirements; for optimal flow characteristics, dosage accuracy and good plasticity. Our granulation means high-quality tablets with all your requested properties, such as abrasion resistance and disintegrant characteristics, among others.

Variable methods, flexible batches: Artesan granulation

We are also extremely flexible in production quantities: Starting with 20 kilogram lab-scale batches or for galenic formulation up to of 300 kg, we can scale batch sizes according to your requirements. Overall, we can achieve a daily production volume of up to two tons of high-quality granulate.