High precision dragees, even with small-scale batches

The production of high quality dragees is among our production repertoire. We also offer particular competence in the manual production dragees and silver dragees.

Coating dragees counts as one of Artesan's standard processes. Our coating technology can handle batch sizes from roughly 200 to 270 kg with a maximum final weight of 500 kg.

Small-scale manual dragee production

At Artesan, dragees that are too delicate to be coated by machine are handled with special care. Our employees master the art of coating dragees in a pan, an old, still relevant and sought after manual production process.  This dragee production method is a genuine craft that requires much skill: Measuring the sugar solution manually only succeeds under optimal conditions and with an experienced hand. These are batch sizes of about 80 to 120 kg of unprocessed cores with a maximum final weight of approximately 200 kg.

The benefits are obvious: We can offer our customers flexible dragee pan processing of even small-scale batches. Apart from this, numerous types of dragee products can only be produced using this "old-fashioned" process. Therefore, you can continue to rely on Artesan to maintain the production of your old line of dragees, in the quality you've become familiar with.

Silver-coated dragees

The production of silver-coated dragees is a particular challenge, which is much sought after in some product segments. Silvered dragees also have to be processed by hand in a dragee pan.

Our employees have the experience and apply the required precision. In order to achieve the desired metallic appearance of these coated tablets, the correct amount of silver powder has to be added manually at exactly the right time. In this case the first attempt has to succeed, as even small variations can spoil the whole batch. Not many manufacturers master this craft any more, and you can rest assured that Artesan has no intention to discontinue this option.