Capsules, for precise release

Artesan offers a wide variety in capsule filling solutions. This enables us to offer our customers the complete range of state-of-the-art formulations in high-performance release profiles – from filling with three different granulate to capsules with more complex formulations and applications.

While conventional capsules are filled by weight (powder, granulate, pellets), our technology can fill capsules by count. Our mini-tablets with a diameter of 2 mm can be counted into hard capsules to achieve a precise modified and targeted sustained release of active agents.

This advanced technology also enables the combined filling of powders or granulate allowing just about any desired product profile. Even incompatible compounds can be integrated into capsules, ultimately increasing the range of therapeutic possibilities.  

Your capsule in your design

We can virtually match any desire of form and color when it comes to the design of your capsules. Whether colorless, colored, transparent, opaque, with different colored capsule halves and in different sizes – our manufacturing process is equipped to meet your specific capsule requirements.

It goes without saying that here too our customers can rely on full service from a single source. In addition to our extensive range of basic formulations, we develop new formulations, tailored exactly to your needs. And from the raw materials to the shelf-ready end product with accompanying documentation your capsules are in good hands with Artesan. Expect the highest quality in flexible quantities with maximum cost efficiency.