Solid forms with full service

We produce it, you bring it to market: As your contract manufacturer, we offer a full range of services in two plants with a total production area of 10,000m². Production at Artesan is writ large: As a contract manufacturer known for reliability and punctuality, we will assume all your solid form manufacturing processes, from development to high-quality market-ready product. Looking back at over 5 decades of experience, you can rely on Artesan as your competent partner.

And in addition to that, you can rely on our technological expertise in solid forms. Our production combines top efficiency and extreme flexibility to accommodate custom requests, always according to GMP standards, with state-of-the-art technology. Artesan unites the flexibility of a medium-sized company with advanced know-how in solid forms to arrive at the highest possible level of quality – even in small- and medium-scale batches.

Solid dosage forms, even in small- and medium-scale batches

Our solid forms manufacturing spectrum ranges from standard processes (e.g. granulation, tabletting, coating, capsule filling), and homeopathic remedies and globules, to unusual specialties such as silver dragees.

Our production not only carries out all legal standards, we routinely carry out all forms of even the most complex solid forms. We offer film, mini and bi-layer tablets in addition to the usual tablet formats. Because our technology enables countable mini-tablets, we can produce hard-shell capsules filled with mini-tablets or even combine them with the conventional powders or granulate.  Artesan offers a wealth of innovative solutions and methods for your solid dosage product needs and requirements.

Our solid dosage form technology
14 tablet presses (Fette & Korsch)
3 bi-layer tablet presses (Fette 3090i, Korsch MFP XL 400)
2 roller compacters (Gerteis)
2 centrifugal fluidizing granulators (Loedige)
2 film coaters (Loedige - partially-perforated, Bohle BFC-400)
8 dragee pans
1 capsule filling machine (Höfliger Modu C Mid Speed)
Batch sizes Daily capacity
Tablets 20 kg–300 kg 10 mil.
Coated tablets 90 kg–450 kg 10 mil.
Granulate 20 kg–300 kg 2.0 t
Capsule filling of powders: Capsule sizes 0 and 1, up to 500,000/day, AM and NEM
Dragee pans: 250 kg dragee cores in process coating machine or 80–120 kg cores in conventional dragee pans
Solid form diversity
Conventional wet granulation (aqueous- or alcohol-based)
Dry granulation and compaction process
Different tablet forms (from vagina, sustained-release, lozenge and orodispersible, to chewable and bi-layer tablets)
Coating: alcohol- or aqueous-based, special function-based coatings
Mini tablet counting for filling hard capsules
Combination of counting technology with the conventional filling with powders or granulate that enable a variety of different release profiles or the combination of incompatible substances
Globuli manufacture (nonpareil impregnation with respective dilution according to customer specifications)

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