Your partner for liquid forms: Artesan Liquids

For high-quality liquid pharmaceutical preparations and products, you can expect Artesan's flexible production and cost-conscious calculation here too.  Our preparation in this segment focuses on nasal sprays, syrups and drops.

Liquid nasal spray

We offer a fixed range of liquid formats and sizes for preparations such as nasal sprays. We will however consider special requirements that may deviate from our standard line.  For example, if you would prefer a nasal spray container in a larger version than our standard snap closure we can quickly check your request, adjust our production and manufacture it.

Key data and capacities for nasal sprays: We fill 10 and 15 ml glass bottles with your liquid spray at a daily output of up to 90,000 containers. Our nasal spray systems at Artesan Liquids: You have the option of screw-thread or snap-on finishes.  The latter is designed with a more comfortable to use larger "finger rest", which minimizes slipping.  

Syrups and drops

We think beyond the standard model with our syrup and drops production too. Even though the rare case is not the normal case, we always rise to the challenge to find a fitting solution. And that goes for liquid products like cough syrup and drops as well.

Not only that, our customers have the option of two different batch capacities; 1,000 to 2,000 liters and 3,000 to 10,000 liters. If you need a special container size, we will quickly check if our team in liquids production can handle it and if we can make you a cost-effective offer. In addition, we will either take over the entire process from production to shelf-ready product, or only contract manufacture the solution. We can handle up to 40,000 containers per day.

Nasal spray facts
Pharmaceutical dosage accuracy at 0.2 %
The filling of glass bottles with snap-on or screw-thread closures
Individual choice of bottle sizes (e.g. 10 or 15 ml)
Blister card services
Packaging in a variety of folding box formats
Innovative spray and dosage systems
Facts about syrups and drops
Processing of aqueous and alcohol-based solutions
Filling of juices, syrups and drops in glass bottles (10–950 ml)
Pharmaceutical dosage accuracy at 0.3 %
Blister card services
Cleaning–in-Place system – automated hygienic cleansing of component surfaces that come into contact with the product
Wide variety of dispensing aids, screw caps and measuring cups
Liquids technology
Fill and seal machines for nasal sprays (Groninger)
Continuously-running rotary fillers with 9 filling units
Fill and seal machines for syrups and dropper products (Bosch)
In-line filler with 6 filling units

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