Analytic development

We analyze your lists of raw materials and formulations and let you know ASAP if your idea is feasible.  We will also let you know where the potential for improvement lies regarding compliance or, for example, the physical characteristics of your development. Thanks to our technological expertise in addition to our close internal network, we can deliver practice-oriented solutions and alternative suggestions – often at the first consultation.

Raw material selection

We adhere to the highest quality standards for our raw materials. This means collaboration only with certified suppliers reflecting GMP standards; delivery ensured through supplier qualification of several suppliers in parallel (particularly for innovative products); and last but not least - low prices We search proactively for alternatives wherever there is potential (for instance through improved quality or a better price) and/or risks (such as difficulties regarding supply or new obligations). Upon request we will store your raw materials at our facilities.

Product development

Specifications, regulatory obligations, new research findings and repeated documentation, studies and samples... We provide long-term support through the years and phases towards the development of your product. This begins with the selection of active ingredients, and continues with the formulation and development of an optimal composition and its effectiveness, blinding in clinical trials and the production of development batches.

Product design

A product that has already gone through a long and expensive approval process has to be quickly established in the market – good product design makes this part easier. Are you going to market your product as a medicine or as a nutritional supplement? What is the best design for your product? What form and coloring, size and flavor coating? Should it be pre-scored? Which form is most beneficial for the patient and ultimately for you? We offer comprehensive consultation on the marketability of your product.

Product transfer

The transfer of a product is a very critical process. Our long-standing, comprehensive and proven expertise ensures an unproblematic transfer: when your product has reached marketability and is to be launched; when you would rather us take on the launch due to shortages or strategic considerations; or in the event you leave a manufacturer to switch to us.  We will work with you to plan a smooth transfer to ensure reliable and efficient implementation.