Analytics and testing

Project analysis

Our analyses provide you with reliable data on whether your samples, bulk products and finished medicinal products meet the regulatory and/or your own specifications. For this we apply our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities equipped with, among others: HPCL systems; dissolution testers; UV/Vis and atomic absorption spectrometers; gas chromatography; and titrators, for both Karl Fischer and potentiometric analyses. We document our results via our own laboratory data system and deliver them to you in your choice of language, and in the relevant approval document layout.  

Chemical and physical testing of pharmaceutical raw materials

Product quality begins with quality raw materials.  Yet purity and ingredients testing here is just not enough. Aside from regulatory requirements provided by the various pharmacopoeias, economic as well as technical production parameters must still be met. We provide you with all the necessary chemical, spectroscopic, chromatographic, galenic and microbiological testing, and calculations and advice – all from one source. In the rare case that we are technically unable to conduct a particular test, we will contract an affiliated and qualified testing laboratory to perform the analyses for us. We take on full responsibility for the project – and you benefit from this convenience.

Our equipment
HPLC systems (UV, DAD, RI, fluorescence)
Gas chromatography (Headspace)
Dissolution tester, manual
Dissolution tester with automated sampling
Recording UV-VIS spectrophotometer
IR spectrometer (ATR)
AAS (flame, hydride)
Melting point apparatus
Potentiometrischer titrator; ion-sensitive electrodes
KF titrator
HPTLC developing chambers
Conductivity meter